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March 4, 2007 by werewolf
I just watched Stranger Than Fiction in the comfort of my own home. It had Emma Thompson, Will Farrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dustin Hoffman.

I would recommend this movie to those of you who are in love, who are about to be in love, who are happy, who have fun, who play.

If you have an empty hole in you, if you miss love, miss being in love, miss the tender touch of love, miss playing, miss having fun, then this movie is probably just going to bum you out.

If there is someone in your l...
June 25, 2004 by werewolf
I just saw Big Fish for the second time, and for the second time I bawled my eyes out. My son made fun of me. He said I was worse than a chick at the Titanic. He's 13. What does he know.

I tried to explain to him. I wasn't sad, I was joyous. When that movie ends, it feels that all is right with the world. I'm cynical and I've seen too much the dark side of this world. So when something leaves you with the feeling that everything is OK, it's a good thing to cry, to allow yourself to fe...
May 13, 2004 by werewolf
I've only had 2 serious recurring dreams in my life and it wouldn't take Jung or Freud to figure them out.

The first started happening around 11 years of age. My parents weren't really getting along very well. This really bothered me and only got worse as time went on.

My eyes open, I'm looking down at my sleeping self. I'm above the light above my bed. It's a very soft, almost glowing, light. It doesn't not penetrate the surrounding room, just me sleeping in my bed.

My eyes close....