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June 27, 2013 by werewolf
What conditions have to be met in order for the "Work" live folder to be used?

I have folders which only have documents using "Work"

I have folders which have sub-folders using "Work"

But I also have both of the above situations where the normal live folder icon is being used.


Win 8 64 bit

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February 16, 2005 by werewolf
Couldn't find a 'right-click' section, so here goes...

Can anyone tell me where right click starts from? I have found it in 'Startup (user)' but I can't find it anywhere else. The reason I ask is that when I boot up, the right click 'edit desktop menus' window shows up. I can duplicate that by trying to start right click again, so RC must be starting twice on boot up, but I can't find the second location. I don't use the MCP (that I know of) It's not set to start in the SDC options menu...