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Published on February 13, 2005 By werewolf In PC Hardware
Thanks for taking a look.

I have been having problems with my Yamaha CD-RW lately. It has started slowly and the problems are now 'almost' constant.

The CD is on the secondary IDE channel as master and there are no other devices on that channel. I have rechecked the CD jumper, it is correct.

The CD is now stuck in PIO mode. BIOS adjustments have not helped.

The most frequently seen error is "The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block." I have googled this and there are thousands of folk who have had the same error. The 2 main replies are "clean the lens" (which doesn't ever solve the problem) or 'reinstall the driver' (I have done that many times)

After I fiddle around some more in my quest to fix this, I get this error "The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period."

Then, usually this is followed by this error: "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1."

Which is then followed by this error: "The device 'YAMAHA CRW2100E' (IDE\CdRomYAMAHA_CRW2100E_________________________1.0N____\5&2dfcc752&0&0.0.0) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal."

At this point I have to go to the device manager and scan for hardware changes to get my drive back.

One fix that popped up more than once suggested deleted 2 reg keys from [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]

The reg keys were the upper and lower filters. I did this and my CD started recording at >18x which is interesting because it's only rated at 16x write.

So the thing worked for the rest of that session. I could burn, rip and read perfectly.

The next day after boot-up, the same old things started happening.

I did not see any responses on Google which suggested the CD-RW might be fried, but I have to think that it is a distinct possibility.

However, I don't really want to buy a new one only to find out that the problem was some other thing

I could really use some help here from anyone who really knows how to fix these problems.

I have disconnected/reconnected the cd; reinstalled the aspi layer; replaced the ide cable; had windows try to update the secondary ide port.

I will provide any other info you might think is relevant to solving this. I have not installed any other hardware or software (other than XP updates and SDC software updates) recently. I have run AD-aware, Spybot s & d, MS Antispyware, and my AVG. All have been clean.

I have nothing to offer in return other than my undying gratitude and my appreciation.

Thanks so much,


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on Feb 13, 2005
This is definently a hardware issue , you say it writes at 16x? This sounds like one of the older cd-burners and you may want to purchase a new one from Newegg. Burners are dirt cheap there. You can find a quality burner for about 30.00

I reccomend the ASUS Quie-Trak Burner. It is ultra quiet. And Very Reliable. Comes with the awesome Nero burning rom as well as ASUSDVD as a bonus! never go into a retail store and buy a burner. Its a big ripoff
on Feb 13, 2005
Thanks for replying Jason. It is an older burner. I found a Samsung 52x32x52x at for $24. I'll check out the ASUS as well. I just didn't want to have to buy a new one unless I really had to.

I had started to add to my post that the secondary channel was reporting as ultra DMA mode 1 upon reboot. I was going to report when it switched over to PIO only, but I can't get past the bad block errors anymore.
on Feb 13, 2005
Have ya tried reflashing the Drive, if it allows it?
It could have become corrupted.
Also when a device is on an IDE Chain alone it needs to be set as Cable Select, not Master or Slave.
Some machines are forgiving and will work if they are set as M or S, but the device alone actually doesn't qualify for that category. How can a device alone be a Master? See my point?
In my personal experiences, I have found that one of the first things to go on a machine is the CDRom Drive. Especially if it is a writer. I figure this is due to the stresses of the Laser Burning Disc, instead of just reading them.

What it sounds like though, is that the drives controller is dying. This means that any data written with that drive will be suspect to being read by other drives, or even lost completely. I had an issue similar with an older JVC 8x CDRW Drive.
on Feb 13, 2005
Thanks say the 'drives controller is dying'. Is this controller on the cdrw or is it on the motherboard. (pardon my ignorance, I thought I knew this stuff

I will try the CS setting, but it has been on master since I first installed it years ago with no problems.
on Feb 13, 2005
I think the CDRW Drive controller is going bad.
Put a hard Drive on that IDE Channel for a bit, and see if it has data issues. If you have a speare, that is. I have had a Hard Drive, and a CDRom Drive suddenly stop working on a particualr IDE Channel Setting, and function only as a SLAVE for no apparent reason.
on Feb 13, 2005
ok, well....*big heavy sigh*...

I tried to re-flash the cd bios and couldn't Good thing I'm medicated or this thing would be out the window

So, new CDRW...

I checked out that ASUS that Jason reco'd, but I don't want DVD. The regular CDRW (with QuieTech technology, sounds good) looks impressive and comes with Nero ver 6.0 (is that the full featured CDRW software?). The Samsung I found comes with Nero Express 6 and InCD (probably the packet writer?)

they are both 52x32x52x

One of the things I really liked about EZCD Creator was the Jewel Case Creator app (but now, it doesn't even recognize that there is a CD in the drive). Does this nero business have such a thing? Really need that functionality.

Any ideas?
on Feb 13, 2005
What Motherboard do you have?
on Feb 13, 2005
Soyo Dragon Plus SY-K7V
on Feb 13, 2005
Look and make sure your hard drive is running in UDMA 4 or 5. If it is, hook the CD player to the HD cable as the slave.
on Feb 13, 2005
I've got 2 hard drives on the primary ide at mode 5.

hmm, ok, that might take more time than I have today If the CD controller is failing, it won't work in that setup anyway, but it couldn't hurt to check, I suppose.
on Feb 13, 2005
Make sure your IDE drivers are correct...Link . If those are Sata drives, that's your problem. I don't think there's a thing wrong with your CD player.
on Feb 13, 2005
LOL I just installed those Hyperion drivers yesterday as part of my quest to fix this problem. As for sata, mine are ultra ATA/Eide drives and I'm really not sure what SATA and PATA are or what the differences are
on Feb 13, 2005
You might have to drop back to MS drivers. Having said that, if that CD worked when you made changes to software (ie: Registry) and it worked until you re-booted, then it's not a hardware problem. Try the slave to HD connection and see if you get a live one.
on Feb 13, 2005
Well, see, that's the thing...The cd performance has been deteriorating veerrrryyyy slowly over time. At first it was just one little hiccup and then nothing for a while. Last week, I started putting the rest of my CD collection onto my computer and was using the cd a LOT. It was during this time that the errors started accumulating. I could still get a good rip, but on Wednesday it was just too much of a problem to get the CDRW to where it would do anything. That's when I started all this stuff with the registry and etc as described above. The total period from when I first noticed an error to now has been many months. It got worse as time went on, not just one day fine-next day nothing. So I'm really not sure. I didn't change any drivers or install any other software which would affect this system until Wednesday. (other than the Stardock updates, which wouldn't affect this).

I will still try the slave to HD connection just to see, but I'm willing to bet it won't change anything. We shall see.

I appreciate your input yrag
on Feb 13, 2005
If you get the same results on the HD hookup, then at least you'll be reasonably assured that a new drive won't give you the same problem and it will be money well spent. It's possible that changes you made (ie: software) was just a coincidence by happening at the same time as your drive was gasping it's last breath.

Good luck and let us know...