I have an iso buster type app
Published on September 7, 2006 By werewolf In Windows Vista
there's a link where you can dl a copy of Vista RC1 and use it without a reg key for 14 days. (it then expires and you can do a fresh install or put in a valid key)

The instructions say you have to burn the iso to a DVD. I don't have a DVD, but I have a program which will extract stuff out of an iso file.

Will that work?
on Sep 07, 2006
If you intend to install to a separate partition, you would normally mount the image with a software like "Daemon Tools", "Alcohol 120%", or another program that can mount an ".iso" image.

You would normally "select 'Mount Image' > select the '.iso' image to mount > click 'Open' [or similar]. The auto-play should start and offer the install options.

Note - I have not done this with the Vista install, but have seen a number of threads where others have been successful.
on Sep 07, 2006
I installed a beta [from Corky] on a machine without a DVD rom....by copying the DVD contents to CDs....and using those.  Problem is you'll need a splitting software as one of the files is larger than a CD...
on Sep 09, 2006
well I have an app which will split files like that and I have an app which will mount an .iso ...maybe will give it a try.

Thanks folks.
on Oct 04, 2006
Yes, 2,236 floppies
on Oct 15, 2006