This just started happening when I installed the Popsicle 0.1.2 LS theme and now I can't fix it. It doesn't really matter which theme is running.

The weird thing is that explorer worked fine for awhile and the only things I changed are the windowblind theme and the icon packager theme. I changed these while running LS. (bad?)

I've rebooted (warm and cold), set the shell back to explorer and then back to LS.

explorer.exe shows up in the process list, but it isn't showing on the screen and it is not showing under the 'application' task manager tab. If I launch the file manager 3 times, it shows up 3 times in the process list.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

** update **
If I kill the LS process I can open explorer from the task manager and then start LS again. Explorer functions correctly, but the most of the icons are not correct (not the icon package I seleted)
on Aug 05, 2006
Umm... isnt LiteStep a "shell replacement"... meaning it replaces Explorer with itself as the shell?
on Aug 05, 2006
yes indeed, however, while the shell 'explorer' isn't active, the file manager 'explorer.exe' can be loaded usually
on Aug 05, 2006

yes indeed, however, while the shell 'explorer' isn't active, the file manager 'explorer.exe' can be loaded usually

Not always.

If you are using Litestep you are far better served to use an explorer-file-manager replacement too...


Explorer Plus...

...there's many.

'Explorer.exe' is both the shell and the file manager...and often you can strike issues with what amounts to trying to run 2 shells at once....

on Aug 06, 2006
hi Jafo,
I was hoping you would post. I have an explorer replacement called xplorer2 lite, but it doesn't respect the icon packager suites. I'll give those others a try and see.

sheesh..I don't have $40 to spend on those proggies. I'll have to look around
on Aug 06, 2006
FreeCommander: Link

on Aug 06, 2006

Both have free vers, as I recall...

Icon Packager requires Explorer.exe [the shell, not the browser] to function correctly.

If you use a different shell then generally you'll find various 'normal' shell 'enhancements' won't be working...

on Aug 06, 2006
Thanks Jafo. Would be nice to not have to sacrifice one thing to have another, but such is life.

Aufisch: That proggie seems to work and it will use the IP themes, but it won't keep using them if I close it and restart. Do you know which settings, if any, control that?
on Aug 06, 2006
I replied to this earlier, but the server ate my answer...

I know it's strange. It seems to keep/remember all the icons except the folder-icons. Unfortunately the only way I found to change the folder-icons permamently is by changing them individually (manually).  

on Aug 06, 2006
I'll see if I can get a post on their forum and ask about this.
on Nov 23, 2006
I had exactly this problem.
Tried unloading/reloading IP in Explorer/LS shell, nothing seemed to work...until.
I disabled the option for Quick Launch and Control Panel icons in IP (might only need one or the other...)
Works now